Services & Solutions


Go-Rugged offers a range of rugged portable solutions to meet your personal or business needs. In addition Go-Rugged can fully configure or customise most rugged portable models to meet your requirements. Rugged portable computing products are designed for operation in the toughest of environments; however, on occasion standard specification rugged laptops or tablets require adaptation to specific applications. To support these requirements, Go-Rugged offers a professional customisation service, such as parts installation, upgraded memory, GPS, etc.

Spare Parts - Need a replacement power supply? Lost your stylus pen? We sell spare those vital components.

We offer all manner of services for rugged equipment users from our fully equipped workshop. We can help you with the following:


Do you work out in the field? Would you like to touch base once in a while, with the added bonus of not having to traipse back to the office? Then you have come to the right site, here at Go-Rugged we sell a wide range of Rugged 'Equipment Designed for any Environment'. From Fully, Semi and Business Rugged Laptops; Tablet PC's; Rugged Peripherals; Rugged PDA's / UMPC's and a wide range of Rugged Accessories, all suitable for out in the field.


Business Customers

Here at Go-Rugged we like to support all of your requests for rugged IT equipment, whether you are a private individual, small business or large corporation. If we do not have what you require or you would like larger quantities of products, contact us by telephone on (+44) 0345 459 1651 with your requests and we will be happy to source any items for you.

Buy-Back Scheme

We also operate a buy-back scheme with incentive discounts for customers trading in products previously purchased from the company. Please contact us on the number above for more information.